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                   What is and means COPE ?                

COPE means Coquimbo Port Enterprise and represents the most important entity of the region in portrian sector ,as well as public and private l.

     What is the mission of Coquimbo Port Enterprise ?  

Bring portrian services of infrastructure in an eficcient way , opening and developing every activity that helps to strenght the competitive port position, in a context of good enviroment relations.


   How many places of approaching land have the Port of Coquimbo ?  


The Port of Coquimbo counts with two approaching land places.

   Who manage the Port of Coquimbo ?  

The Port of Coquimbo is managed by the Coquimbo Port Enterprise (COPE) who are the highest Port Authority.

   Which are our bussiness ?  

Coquimbo Port works with the goal of achieving its mission as an Institution of Port field:

To bring port infrastructure service in a efficient way , creating and developing every activity that helps to strenght the competitive port position in a context of good enviroment relations.

   Which are the Competitive advantages of our Port ?  


  • It has a good port interstructure.
  • It keeps a solid connection with the region and the country for its gloval development .
  • It has a high spacing capacity for storage transference.
  • It has the best warming conditions of the region , a natural warm bay.
  • Exceptional climate conditions.
  • Adequate water deep in the bay.
  • Portrian capacity available.
  • Great growing potential of low cost.
  • A team involved with the Port duties.

Besides the protagonism in the regional and national economic growth, the Port of Coquimbo offers a great potential in developing future proyects , having hundreds of acres of warm waters ,where new approaching land fronts can be developed in a low cost.

The Port of Coquimbo has optime conditions for the development of new approaching land fronts of low cost , due to his natural warm waters.

It counts with a master plan that defines the development of the port for the next 20 years and a referential calendary for the next 5 years , where they detail all the neccesary works to develop in conections with private enterprises.

Its strategic position in South America as well in countries of the Pacific Shore points to the Port as the ideal place for the creation of a bioceanic runner from the Port of Porto Alegre (Brazil),crossing the heart of America with a hinderland of 25 millions of habitants who will wait for the function operations until the 2005.

     Which are the mails and telephone numbers for contact ?  

These are the links :

Teléphone: (56-51) 313606.
Fax: (56-51) 326146.
E-mail: ptocqq@entelchile.net - gerenciag@entelchile.net.